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Synthesizer Manuals: Yamaha

Yamaha Corporation (ヤマハ株式会社 Yamaha Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate based in Japan with a very wide range of products and services, predominantly musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment.

Yamaha has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, "silent" pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli, and vibraphones), as well as a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, audio/visual, computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances, specialty metals and industrial robots.


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midi 39
data 38
mode 24
voice 24
pitch 19
key 14
data entry 13
modulation 13
pitch bend 13
press 13
select 13
lfo 12
output level 12
pattern 12
circuit board 11
edit 11
memory protect 11
parameter 11
voice data 11
song 10
function 9
vcf 9
vco 9
cartridge 8
circuit 8
control 8
memory 8
switch 8
tempo 8
edit mode 7
knob 7
lcd 7
pitch modulation 7
program 7
synthesizer 7
voltage 7
bulk data 6
control change 6
frequency 6
modulation wheel 6
performance 6
portamento 6
pulse width 6
sound 6
track 6
yamaha 6
board 5
display 5
edit buffer 5
function data 5
gate time 5
input 5
instrument 5
midi channel 5
note 5
pattern number 5
play mode 5
program change 5
range 5
real time 5
system exclusive 5
tone generator 5
vca 5
voices 5
amd sync 4
amplitude modulation 4
cassette 4
circuit diagram 4
data poly 4
envelope 4
function mode 4
led 4
level att 4
lfo mod 4
measure 4
note limit 4
operator 4
output 4
performance memory 4
pmd amd 4
pms 4
poly 4
preset 4
range step 4
sequencer 4
sine wave 4
sound source 4
sustain level 4
sync 4
sync pms 4
tone 4
trigger 4
voice edit 4
assign 3
attack time 3
basic setting 3
block diagram 3
breath control 3
breath controller 3
buffer 3
channel 3
chord 3
control volt 3
currently selected 3
cursor 3
data range 3
decay time 3
delay 3
disk 3
dly 3
drum 3
foot switch 3
hpf 3
input level 3
internal memory 3
job 3
led display 3
lpf 3
modulation sensitivity 3
numeric key 3
pad bank 3
parameters 3
pitch change 3
pressing 3
resistor 3
rev 3
rhythm 3
seq 3
seq gate 3
spd 3
step 3
step seq 3
step write 3
terminal 3
time signature 3
time write 3
touch response 3
user pattern 3
voice memory 3
wave 3
accent level 2
adjust 2
algorithm 2
alternately read 2
analog 2
assign mode 2
bass 2
bulk dump 2
byte count 2
call job 2
capacitor 2
color 2
color destination 2
control voltage 2
controls 2
cpu 2
ctrl 2
ctrl matrix 2
cutoff point 2
data format 2
data stored 2
delay time 2
depth 2
destination 2
device number 2
diagram 2
edit voice 2
egs 2
electrical checks 2
entry slider 2
event edit 2
external signals 2
foot controller 2
foot pedal 2
free memory 2
frequency data 2
function control 2
gate 2
initial level 2
input signal 2
key pad 2
key volt 2
lcd display 2
lever 2
lfo select 2
macro 2
main cpu 2
max notes 2
memory data 2
message 2
messages 2
metal oxide 2
micro tune 2
micro tuning 2
operation sequence 2
ops 2
ops block 2
oscillator 2
pad 2
parameter change 2
english 81
Date Published
Synth manual for the Yamaha PSR-77 and PSR-185 keyboards
Topics: yamaha, keyboard, music, synthesizer, psr-77, psr-185
Topics: track, pattern, mode, key, song, measure, press, sequencer, chord, midi, play mode, step record,...
Topics: voice, select, edit, performance, data, cartridge, midi, tuning, micro, tone, micro tuning, voice...
Topics: input, output, circuit, voltage, description, supply, schematic, illustration, vdd, diagram,...
Topics: vcf, lpf, hpf, sound, slider, synthesizer, oscillator, sustain, voltage, switch, foot switch, pulse...
Topics: midi, pattern, voice, data, select, song, instrument, display, tempo, key, select job, real time,...
Topics: vcf, lpf, hpf, voltage, oscillator, filter, sound, vco, switch, cutoff, foot switch, pulse width,...
Topics: pattern, voice, mode, midi, key, select, wave, song, press, pattern number, parameter, pad bank,...
Topics: voice, cassette, data, operator, voice number, modulation, key, voices, mode, pitch, function,...
Topics: pattern, midi, mode, button, lcd, instrument, tempo, pressing, song, cartridge, lcd panel, real...
Topics: data, midi, voice, pitch, parameter, ascii, led, output, panel, assign, bulk data, ascii ascii,...
Topics: circuit, wiring, diagram, sbr, sgr, sbe, board, sye, alook, circuit diagram, circuit board, remarks...
Topics: pattern, bass, pad, song, drum, midi, key, select, mode, note, drum bass, pad bank, pattern drum,...
Topics: vco, sound, vcf, knob, pitch, synthesizer, control, lfo, set, vca, lfo mod, control volt, sound...
Topics: voice, function, data, performance, memory, mode, selected, cartridge, channel, switch, performance...
Topics: midi, track, data, job, yamaha, mode, reset, led, cassette, digital, led display, alternately read,...
Topics: lcd, test, circuit, key, resistor, midi, switch, data, cartridge, ram, key top, circuit board, test...
Topics: pin, data, gnd, circuit, color, resistor, vcc, destination, board, cartridge, circuit board, wire...
Topics: input, voltage, circuit, output, key, adjust, terminal, wave, buffer, capacitor, circuit board,...
Topics: midi, data, track, measure, note, tempo, messages, macro, tracks, press, system exclusive, gate...
Yamaha: SPX-1000 owner's manual
Topics: pgm, parameter, midi, mem, input, parameters, key, program, param, rev, mem pgm, param key, input...
Topics: data, voice, select, performance, midi, pitch, press, lfo, edit, instrument, output level, program...
Topics: voice, data, pitch, modulation, function, mode, midi, memory, lfo, entry, data entry, pitch...
Topics: seq, step, pattern, midi, press, select, parameter, knob, data, gate, step seq, gate time, seq...
Topics: pin, color, circuit, destination, wire, depth, vco, board, block, adjustment, color destination,...
Topics: data, midi, message, parameter, voice, bbb, configuration, bbbb, status, channel, carbon resistor,...
Topics: pattern, voice, data, press, song, job, edit, midi, key, lcd, edit voice, select job, numeric key,...
Topics: pitch, data, voice, operator, key, modulation, pressing, cartridge, mode, carrier, voice data, data...
Topics: quantize, beat, pattern, closed, cowbell, variation, samba, tom, rhythm, tempo, quantize set,...
Topics: voice, parameter, knob, control, scene, parameters, data, set, pattern, press, step sequencer,...
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Topics: data, stored, buffer, cpu, modulation, result, ops, frequency, egs, algorithm, main cpu, block...
Topics: knob, czi, sample, midi, disk, select, program, edit, setup, sequence, czi czi, program sample,...
Topics: pattern, ptn, song, midi, lcd, select, press, quantize, cassette, instrument, select ptn, step...
Topics: synthesizer, vco, sequencer, vcf, trigger, volt, switch, key, kbd, lfo, key volt, basic setting,...
Topics: drum, pattern, chord, song, press, mode, user, pad, select, preset, pad bank, drum kit, left area,...
Yamaha: TX-81Z owner's manual
Topics: voice, data, performance, select, edit, lfo, mode, midi, instrument, note, micro tune, max notes,...
Topics: circuit, voltage, terminal, waveform, input, output, tone, vco, vcf, frequency, circuit board,...
Topics: knob, sample, midi, program, cursor, display, frequency, disk, mode, range, tree view, press knob,...
Topics: tone, lever, solo, upper, lower, pitch, portamento, pedal, rhythm, switch, solo keyboard, foot...
Topics: circuit, lfo, vco, voltage, board, terminal, capacitor, adjust, mod, resistor, circuit board,...
Yamaha: SPX-90 owner's manual
Topics: midi, program, signal, parameter, delay, msec, trigger, input, pitch, memory, input signal, pitch...
Topics: voice, operator, press, pitch, modulation, voices, level, cartridge, frequency, mode, output level,...
Topics: midi, lcd, tempo, data, disk, bank, mode, press, playback, recording, job command, music data, midi...
Topics: voice, data, function, pitch, modulation, mode, midi, memory, lfo, amplitude, data entry, pitch...
Yamaha: TX-216 and TX-816 owner's manual
Topics: midi, data, voice, mode, module, led, function, voices, edit, modules, led display, function data,...
Topics: seq, step, ctrl, data, type, matrix, ddh, parameter, analog, depth, step seq, ctrl matrix, seq...
Topics: seq, step, pattern, midi, press, knob, data, select, ctrl, gate, step seq, gate time, ctrl matrix,...
Yamaha: MCS-2 owner's manual
Topics: midi, program, controller, switch, control, messages, message, assign, channel, portamento, program...
Topics: data, midi, press, track, song, chain, enter, edit, tempo, key, numeric key, key pad, bulk data,...
Topics: track, data, midi, measure, edit, note, macro, tempo, recording, executed, measure edit, gate time,...
Topics: sound, lfo, vcf, trigger, wave, synthesizer, volume, harmonics, frequency, vca, lfo mod, wave form,...
Topics: voice, data, function, mode, voices, pitch, midi, preset, modulation, memory, data entry, pitch...
Topics: synthesis, modular, sequencer, voices, arpeggiator, midi, yamaha, playback, board, acoustic,...
Topics: data, stored, buffer, cpu, modulation, result, ops, frequency, egs, algorithm, main cpu, block...
Topics: select, measure, cursor, chord, song, data, buttons, note, midi, style, select style, style chord,...
Topics: modulation, voice, operator, data, midi, parameter, lfo, pitch, mode, voice bulk, pitch modulation,...
Topics: midi, track, job, data, reset, mode, pressing, cassette, led, display, led display, currently...
Topics: vcf, sound, control, vco, modulation, yamaha, lfo, breath, determines, vca, sound creation, lever...
Topics: data, voice, midi, memory, dxl, mode, performance, edit, store, function, performance memory, voice...
Yamaha: TX-81Z service notes
Topics: data, voice, vib, program, lcd, midi, mode, parameter, switch, assign, vib vib, test program, micro...
Topics: memory, data, voice, cartridge, performance, mode, function, edit, display, lcd, voice memory,...
Yamaha: SY-22 owner's manual
Topics: voice, vector, cursor, midi, mode, element, key, display, edit, select, lower display, edit mode,...
Topics: voice, control, midi, knob, analog, realtime, sequencer, yamaha, parameter, knobs, control knobs,...
Yamaha: TX-7 owner's manual
Topics: function, voice, data, mode, pitch, midi, modulation, memory, control, portamento, data entry,...
Topics: rhythm, drum, preset, variation, cymb, volume, tempo, cymbal, bass, indicator, bass drum, preset...
Topics: vca, sound, vcf, amplifier, lfo, synthesizer, tht, sounds, control, vco, three elements, lfo mod,...
Yamaha: TX-816 performance notes (part 1 of 4)
Topics: sync, poly, envelope, data, pitch, range, modulation, portamento, pms, spd, function data, note...
Yamaha: SY-2 owner's manual
Topics: vibrato, controls, preset, yamaha, control, levers, pitch, selector, tone, lever, vibrato depth,...
Yamaha: TX-816 performance notes (part 4 of 4)
Topics: sync, envelope, poly, pitch, data, range, portamento, pms, spd, modulation, note limit, range step,...
Yamaha: SPX-90 program table
Topics: rev, lvl, balance, dly, lpf, pitch, parameters, program, hpf, delay, type parameters, parameters...
Yamaha: TX-816 performance notes (part 3 of 4)
Topics: sync, poly, envelope, pitch, data, range, pms, pmd, dly, portamento, sync pms, note limit, amd...
Yamaha: TX-816 performance notes (part 2 of 4)
Topics: sync, envelope, poly, pitch, data, range, pms, pmd, dly, spd, note limit, level att, function data,...
Yamaha: CS-30L owner's manual
Topics: lfo, vcf, synthesizer, vco, trigger, voltage, vca, key, volt, controls, key volt, sound source,...
Topics: reverb, midi, delay, sie, rev, vocal, das, des, mit, para, high damp, reverb time, tremolo reverb,...
Yamaha: SY-1 owner's manual